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Migrating to Office 365

Thinking of  moving to Office 365 and are not sure where to start? Talk to us. We have been building, migrating and deploying computer systems since 1990.

With over 25 years experience building IT solutions, Meridian can ensure your move to the cloud runs smoothly with absolutely no disruption to your business.

Our service includes:

  • Analysis of your current setup
  • Advice on the correct subscription
  • Guarantee that no data will be lost
  • Email system setup with history
  • Assistance with device configuration

  • Assistance with device installation
  • On-going support and training
  • Australian based helpdesk
  • How To and instruction Guides
  • Post migration monitoring

What is the cloud?

Think of the old telephone system. The telephone company would install a line and a handset in your house. You would pick up the handset, dial a number and someone answered at the other end.

You personally don't lay and maintain the phone cable or the telephone exchange, the telephone company does that. You pay the telephone company a monthly rental for the line and some charges for calls.

Your internet connection is the same as the telephone cable. Your internet connection lets you access the cloud (telephone exchange).

Before the cloud all your computing programs were stored on your hard disk or on a computer server at the back of your office. All your data was on the personal hard drive or computer server.

Now with the cloud you can access any service from any supplier without having to have the programs and data installed where you are physically located.

Is it more expensive?

Not when looked at closely. Sure there is an on-going monthly charge but that is nothing compared to the benefits. However, there are no more upgrade and patching costs. Your software is always up to date.

Using cloud products and services can help your business in lots of ways. You can save yourself a lot of money when you move your technology services to the cloud. You no longer have to buy, maintain and upgrade expensive servers.

Your staff will be able to work from home on a permanent basis. You can reduce the required office space, office rental expenses and other associated costs.

The money you save on technology can now be used to grow your business with more money for marketing and capturing sales.

You can focus on your business not the technology needed to run it. Cloud services are always available and you only pay for what you use.

Where do we start?

Most businesses start by moving their email services to the cloud.  This can be achieved with no disruption to your current business practices and is a great first step. After email, data backup is commonly the next step.

It really depends on your business. We will look at your business and show you where you will get the best results. It is best if your move to cloud occurs in stages.

How secure is my data?

Actually, more secure than any solution you have located at your business. The risk of fire and theft are completely elininated. Your data is stored in multiple locations removing any danger from a natural disaster. .

The datacentres where your data resides are protected with all the latest security functionality. Defence-in-depth methodologies are used along with military grade encryption. Your data is stored in Australian data centres not overseas.

During the migration itself, multiple copies of your data are made and kept to ensure there is absolutely no loss of any kind.

How do we use it?

Just like you have in the past. In essence you are removing the physical computers and servers you had in your office and replacing them with hardware located in a datacentre you access using the internet.

When it comes to making use of all the new features and functionality available in Office 365 we can provide training either on site at your business premises or online using Skype and the conferencing capabilities of Office 365 itself.

What about my existing email system?

Meridian can migrate your email to Office 365, quickly and easily, no matter what email system you are using. All your calendars, contacts and history remain accessible.

More questions?

Microsoft has an excellent resource that could help you. Click here to go to the Microsoft Office 365 FAQ page.

Contact Meridian now on 02 9252 5775
for a trouble-free migration to Office 365.